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TAB 2019 OPEN CALL for Installation Programme Competition - Tallinn

The Tallinn Architecture Biennale 2019 which takes place from September 11– November 3, 2019 (Opening Week: September 11– 15), has presented its Installation Programme Competition “Huts and Habitats”, which offers emerging architectural talents the opportunity to design and build an experimental wooden structure in the heart of Tallinn.

The open two-stage competition (first stage submission deadline is November 2nd, 2018 and second stage submissions are due by January 30th, 2019) challenges participants to develop creative designs for a temporary outdoor installation in front of the Museum of Estonian Architecture, housed in one of Tallinn’s most outstanding examples of industrial architecture. The site consists of a lively pedestrian green area along one of the busiest streets, connecting the two sides of Tallinn: the harbour and the city centre.

As Gilles Retsin, Curator of the Installation Programme Competition, asserts: “The TAB Installation Programme Competition invites emerging architects and designers to design a kind of modern day primitive hut: an opportunity to research fundamental aspects of architecture. This encompasses its tectonic system and related production chain with its social consequences, but also aspects of living and dwelling and ultimately of course, its digestion by the public.”

Through the concept of the hut, the Installation Programme Competition s with TAB 2019’s main theme “Beauty Matters: The Resurgence of Beauty”. In fact, the topic of beauty is approached through the notion of tectonics and material organisation: the primordial composition of architecture. The installation therefore, should not be perceived as merely a small house or cabin, but more as a physical manifestation of a construction system. At the same time, it should work as an autonomous and vibrant public space that requires no disclaimer in order to be appreciated by visitors and passersby.

In order to promote synergy between emerging talents and industry, participants are encouraged to consider new technologies and design strategies in relation to Estonia’s rich history of timber construction, dating back to the turn of the 20th century. With new materials and manufacturing technologies changing the way it has been traditionally used, timber is now referred to as the ‘steel of the 21th century’.

The Jury panel is composed of: Philippe Block (ETH, Zurich;NCCR, Switzerland), Areti Markopoulou (IAAC, Barcelona) and Mihkel Tüür (KTA,Estonia).

Prizes include:

1st prize
€15,000 budget for construction, TAB 2019 Symposium participation, published in TAB 2019 book, TAB2019 PASS

2nd and 3rd prize
TAB 2019 Symposium participation, published in TAB 2019 book, TAB 2019 PASS

The winner and all Second Stage participants will be exhibited at the TAB Installation Programme exhibition and published on TAB 2019 website.