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MAV, 12 Boulevard Théodore Thurner
13006 Marseille

Lectures by AgwA and Ledroit-Pierret-Polet in Marseille

WBA organizes on June 12th a day of lectures and discussions in the framework of the presentation in their local of the exhibition XX Models Young Belgian Architecture at the Maison de l'architecture et de la ville (MAV) PACA. WBA is so part of the dynamic created around Marseille-Provence 2013 • European Capital of Culture 2013.
Benoît Vandenbulcke and Harold Fallon (AgwA) and Vincent Pierret and Cédric Polet (Ledroit-Pierret-Polet) will present their work based on the theme. "Architects in Brussels: participation, ecology and ... regulatory complexity".
The lecture will take place at the MAV in Marseille at 6.30PM. The lecture will be followed by a drink at 8.30PM.
If you want more information, write us.