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Creation of “place Kubron” in Seraing.
The site designated to house the future city square known as “place de Seraing” struck us as devoid of harmony, in desperate need of homogeneity, undefined and distinctly lacking in coherence. We picked up on the industrial context of the site. The first challenge is to structure the square. A metallic sail frames the space and gives it a perceptible and identifiable form. This sail serves as a symbol of the gateway to the city. The two directions outlined by the sail draw the gaze towards the heart of the square. The second challenge is to give a human scale to this area. A dense maze of trees offers a pleasant and user-friendly area that will attract users. The regular alignment of the trees helps structure the space. The third challenge is to create places that capture particular atmospheres and serve specific functions. To the west of the square, a long strip is set aside for services, restaurants and shops. Opposite lies the church forecourt. Finally, a bigger surface is earmarked for the organisation of events (concerts, plays, market for example). The global concept of the urban furniture is inspired by the city’s industrial heritage. The use of zinc-coated or painted steel guarantees good durability and keeps down maintenance costs. The strips of grass serve as a guide. They direct users towards the different points of interest of the esplanade and offer additional leisure and play areas.
Landscape, urban areas
Year of conception
François Leurident, Ir Architecte
Sébastien Moulin, Ir Architecte

4100 Seraing

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