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AWAA for "cwarchitects" is an international firm founded in 2006 by the architect Charly Wittock.
Its structure is organized on the concept of the ‘virtual’ office, always working with a collection of international architects, designers, writers, developers, artists, etc...

The team is organized in response to the dimension of each mission so that it can respond to a broad range of project scales and locations.

AWAA is dedicated to creating design solutions to programmatic problems in the public, private, residential and commercial realms without trying to redefine an architectural style but rather, exploring the spatial potential architecture can offer.

For AWAA, architecture is all about ‘translation’. ‘Translation’ is this strange phenomenon which consists in transposing the same meaning in another language. But each language has its own concepts that are only translatable approximately.

‘Translation’ has an important place in the office and each team member is confronted by it on a daily basis: the team treats information, distillates ideas, decodes needs, decrypts urban conditions, materializes realities, illustrates intentions, explains ideas to clients, interprets building codes and converts money into buildings.

The liberty AWAA takes, in translating clients’ needs and urban codes, enriches the fields of investigation and pushes the team to adapt to new conditions.

AWAA’s goal is not to redefine a new ‘architectural style’ but to explore its
Charly Wittock
Charly Wittock
Christophe Bourdeaux
Nicolas Michielsen
Didier Bourtembourg
Tim Doudelet
Arthur d'Aoust
Nicolas Laurent
Anne Simoens

Avenue des Ablettes, 2
1160 Bruxelles

Tél : +32 2 770 54 22
Fax : +32 2 770 73 86