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Atelier Chora

Thanks to a continuous thought, the Atelier wants to create links between « research and emotion » - « technique and poetry » - « performance and softness ».

From the beginning, our architectural production is guided by the words : beauty, inspiration, magic, fascination, joy, as well as the concepts of serenity, silence, privacy and surprise… but as Luis Barragan said, « … we are well aware of not always having them enhanced enough », but we try to get there…

Founded back in 2007, our team is compounded by 3 architects and one engineer. The Atelier is the result of the complementary nature between people with different sensitivities and concerns, who work together to improve the quality, the intensity and the rightness of their realizations.

Worried about the problematic of energy production and consumption, we lead researches and feasability studies.

Pragmatic, we are constantly in touch with artisans and technical advisers who guide us in order to use materials and matters in the propest way. The research goes through the construction of prototypes with various scales, on the building site or in a workshop.

Our work, permanently disputed on the way to build and consume space and energy, tends to a personal answer for each project.

Emeric Marchal - Architecte gérant
Olivier Marchal - Ingénieur associé
Tonin Tricot - Architecte collaborateur
Fanny Wautelet - Architecte collaboratrice

Rue du Jardin Botanique 46
4000 Liège

Tél : +32 42222132
Fax : +32 42222331