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House in Remicourt


Atelier Chora

Construction of a house.
A watchtower in Remicourt.

Freely and slightly inspired by the endless column of the sculptor Brancusi or from a Cesar’s compression, the vertical volumetry sticks itself in a 3 meters high bank, to link the street and the garden.

This « Totem » house fulfills functionnal, ecological and financial obligations due to the construction site and the customer’s requirements.

Accomodation on severals « semi-levels », splitted according to the slope of the field, it includes a living room and a kitchen on the garden floor, a living room and technical places buried into the ground floor, as well as 4 bedrooms on the floors.

The cuttings of the windows into the volumetry are like frames to the landscape, getting benefits from the solar orientation depending on the day and the seasons.

Seeing the size of the field and its orientation, the house naturally includes itself in a perpendicular way to the street. The building is set back from the street in order to free parking places on the same level as the road. The alignment is kept by the extension of the neighbour’s wall. The volume is deliberately compact, while having a frank link to the existing building. The only trimming and roofing material in slates enhance the sculptural side of the object, similar to a shell.

Wooden skeleton, reinforced insulation, mechanical ventilation, heating with only one pellet stove.
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Rue des Héros
4350 Remicourt

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