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Atelier d’architecture Meunier-Westrade scprl

Matthieu Meunier and Jean-Francois Westrade were trained at the Institute of Higher Learning of Architecture Saint-Luc de Tournai.
Jean-François Westrade took his internship with Claude Strebelle at the Workshop of Sart-Tilman in Liège , from 1996 to 1998.
Matthieu Meuniers took his internship with the Office Moulin Mincke in Tournai from 2000 to 2002.

Their first collaborations date back to the year 2000 and very quickly lead to the creation of the Workshop of Architecture Meunier-Westrade.

Since then they have conceived projects of various types: single family homes, grouped housing schemes, apartment buildings, shops, offices, industries, public buildings……

Whether its new construction or a conversion, the approach is functional, aesthetic and contextual.
It is guided by the knowledge and the technology of sustainable development, which highlights the ecological options, the bioclimatic, these factors determine the outcome of the design.
Matthieu Meunier
Jean-François Westrade
Andras Fabrot > Chef de Projet
Marie Windels > Chef de Projet
Florence Schepkens > Architecte
Pierre-Louis Dubois > Architecte
Stéphane Vanbraband > Architecte
Jean-Sébastien Dewattines > Ingénier civil Architecte
Marie Dumoulin > Architecte
Antoni Russo > Architecte
Clotilde Mahée > Architecte
Valérie Lerche > Architecte
Arnaud Pamalio > Infographiste
Nabila Haumont > Secrétaire

Boulevard Eisenhower, 107
7500 Tournai

Tél : 00 32 69 23 63 33
Fax : 00 32 69 23 69 17