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Viaduc nursery and cafeteria


B612 associates

The project realized in the framework of the contract of the Blyckaerts district in Ixelles covers a partially listed patrimonial building. The programme envisions the heavy renovation of the building and the transformation of parts of its premises for the creation of a day care centre and a cafeteria.
It was also a matter of taking advantage of the opportunity for intervention to create a stronger relationship between the public and semi-public spaces of the park and the former building.
The first intervention in the project is on the surrounding wall in a manner that would create a visual interaction towards the building and the park, by replacing the bare partitions with a laser-cut stainless steel panels following the motif of historical geographic maps.
This motif is is reused on the elevation of the day care and the cafeteria in order to, on one hand, demonstrate the renewal of this neighbourhood’s cultural centre, and on the other, through the symbolic value of the motif, to relate the new interventions to the history of the neighbourhood and the building.

The metallic laser cut screens offer various states of transparency depending on the percentage of laser cut voids, which represent the densification of the neighbourhood buildings in time. Depending on the proportion of the voids,different panels are used to accommodate the various needs of the building, such as letting in or restricting levels of light or creating views.

The metal skin wraps around the building and creates the terrace and the canopy, then it extends into the interior to the cafeteria, where it constitutes the furniture. The continuity extends furthermore towards the floor to ’dress’the elevation of the nursery and it terminates in the form of a sunshade for those bays facing South.
The concept for the organisation of the space in the day care is primarily orientated to the wellbeing of the children: the space there is rendered warm by the utilization of timber, the natural
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Commune d’Ixelles

rue du Viaduc
1050 Bruxelles (Ixelles)

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