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DXA.archi is an architectural agency created in 2018 by the merger of the two offices “Delices architectes" and "Alliage architectes".

Since 2000, Delices and Alliage have been present and recognised in Belgium for their implication in several architectural challenges such as residential, social housing, schools, office buildings, cultural spaces, communal infrastructure, notable listed buildings, and all this while prioritising energy efficiency for each project.

The founding architects, Cédric Callens, Benoît Frisson, Stéphane George and Stéphane Moetwil, were motivated by the desire to form an enlarged team, flexible and efficient, multilingual and capable of meeting the complex and exciting challenges of tomorrow’s urban environment.

The synergy and complementarity of all their skills and resources allows to offer clients services covering all facets of architecture. We deliver optimal services for the development of projects of all sizes in the public, private and mixed sectors or in a bouwteam (grouping customer, architects and contractors).

Our approach to architecture is not single but varied. It is based on continuous analysis of the context, the search for innovative and creative solutions, design within a defined financial framework.

DXA.archi is an association of opinions, personalities, know-how, experiences and references, driven by this same desire to define the act of building freely, and imagine quality places and spaces for better architecture
Cédric Callens
Benoit Frisson
Stéphane George
Stéphane Moetwil

124 Rue de Stassart
1050 Bruxelles

Tél : 32 2 216 36 19
Fax : 32 2 216 06 77