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In 1979, just after graduating in architecture and civil engineering, Daniel Dethier was an independent architect and assistant to Professor Englebert’s Chair of Composition. His double vocation of researcher (continuing with his studies in town planning) and practitioner immediately, characterised the procedure that he continues to pursue by currently exercising a mandate at the free University of Brussel.

In 1992 he founded Dethier Architecture and he was joined by Thomas Faes, in 2010 . The company employs between 5 and 10 people who make up a team with a range of complementary skills, regularly supplemented by exterior collaborators in wider areas linked with architecture (artists, engineers, scientists ...), both in Belgium and abroad.

The methodology of the consultancy has been refined with our experience and, before any design work takes place, refers to the analysis of the request, the programme with the client and the various people involve, who are always able to make inputs to the work at regular meetings.
Daniel Dethier
Thomas Faes
Charles Poplavsky
Jaime Llull Fernández
François Ovaere
- be.exemplary 2016, prizewinner for the renovation of the tower Brunfaut (Molenbeek-Saint-Jean), in association with A229, Arcadis, Ney & Partners


- Belgian Energy and Environment Awards 2011, Pre-selection for the Center of Exellence in revalidation of Esneux.
- Benelux hot-dip galvanising awards, nomination for the Footbridge of the Plate-Taille Beach, Eau d’Heure lakes.


- Wallonia Grand prix d’Architecture. Nomination for Pouplin substation, Liège.


- Belgian Energy and Environment Awards, Eco-Building award category.


- Belgian Architecture awards, nomination for Saint-Hubert wooden lodge, Belgium.


- Belgian Architecture awards, nomination for Pouplin sub-station, Liège.
- City of Liege awards for urban planning, nomination in the non-residential category for Pouplin sub-station, Liège.


- Steel construction awards, honorable mention award for Millenium tower, Gedinne, Belgium.
- Steel construction award for Denis-Ortmans house, Jehanster, Belgium.
- City of Liege awards for urban planning of the best construction of a non-residential building for SPI+ building.
Public’s prize and special jury’s prize of the best reconversion of an old building, for Restoration of the Curtius and Brahy residences (part of the Grand Curtius Museum group).


- Euro Belgian Architectural Award for Denis-Ortmans house, Jehanster, Belgium. Emerging Architecture and Case Study, The Architectural Review category.
- Benelux hot-dip galvanising awards, nomination for Denis-Ortmans house, Jehanster, Belgium.


- Selected in the « Compendium of Good Practice » of the IALD (International Association Lighting Design, Chicago, USA) for the Montagne de Bueren urban renovation, Liege.
- AR+D awards for emerging architecture, Highly Commended for the Denis-Ortmans, Jehanster, Belgium.


- City of Liege awards for urban planning, public’s prize for Former Ursulines Convent rehabilitation.


- Euro-Belgian Architectural Awards : first special mention for Dethier-Deminty house, Ovifat, Belgium.


- « Tu bâtis, je rénove » architectural contest, first prize category rénovation, for the transformation of an old barn door in accommodation.


- 24th International Architecture Award of the National Housing Institute, distinction for the Bisshop house, Küchelberg, Bütgenbach.

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