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H&V Holoffe-Vermeersch Architecture

H&V was established in 2000 and views its projects as lending its plume to writing everyday chronicles on space sharing. The agency is involved in small as well as large-scale projects. Our approach prompts private and public clients alike to pause and reflect on a shared environment in which architecture is integrated as a cultural asset and added value.


Amid the cacophony of forms brought on by consumption, the topic continues to be shaped and moulded by the constant barrage of TV and advertising images, caught between the need for presentism and a High Environmental Quality ethic.
Looking back in hindsight, classical as well as modern architectural codes in respect of buildings valued for their own sake, materials for the materials' sake or styles for the styles' sake have hit on their limits.


Between memory and landscape, H&V views what it does as a reset that sparks an architectural signature that is deliberately restrained yet generous and optimistic. As such, our conceptual design process applies as a matter of course to:
- Considering all areas, micro or macro, without preconceptions.
- Adopting a more revealing geographical reading of the links between subjects and situations.
- Focusing on the minimum resources required in order to arrive at collective understanding.
"Doing more with less" is a work logic that we adopted very early on and which we have upheld to this very day.
Marié - 2 enfants.

1965: Né à Lobbes -Belgique.
1983-1988: ISAI-Mons.
1988-1989: Collaborateur chez Agence Traces- Bruxelles.
1990-1994: Collaborateur chez Pierre Blondel Architectes-Bruxelles.
1994: Collaborateur chez Jean Paul Hermant-architecte
1994-1998: Associé du bureau Matador- Mons.
1998-1999: Dea en sciences de la Communication et information - université UVHC + Université Lille 3.
2000-: Création de H&V ARCHITECTURE - en association avec Laurent Vermeersch.

1994-2012: Assistant pédagogique ISAI Mons+Bruxelles>U_Mons-FA+U.
2012-: Chargé de cours U_Mons-FA+U.

Marié - 2 enfants.

1971: Né à Ath –Belgique
1988-1994: ISAI-Mons
1994-1995: Collaborateur au sein du groupe Gamma.
1995: Collaborateur au sein du bureau Matador.
1995-1998: Collaborateur au sein du bureau Jean-Pierre Navez-Architecte.
1998-2000: Collaborateur au sein de l’Atelier 2F.
2000-: Création de H&V ARCHITECTURE-en association avec Etienne Holoffe.
2013-: Conseiller Ville de Tournai.
Cathy SUINEN Photographe et Infographiste

Depuis 2001: Frédéric ESTORDEUR Architecte
Depuis 2009: Quentin DASNOY Architecte
Depuis 2009: Franck VERSPEELT Architecte
Depuis 2013: Kevin BLOCH Architecte
Depuis 2013: Leslie VANHELLEPUTTE Architecte

2009-2014: Thomas PITTELIOEN Architecte
2012 : Xavier DENONNE Architecte
2004-2008: Jérôme VANHAISE Architecte
2004-2008: Thomas VAN HOLM Architecte
2003-2004: Patrick ADAM Ingénieur Architecte
2003-2004: Jérôme PETENO Architecte

rue des Robiniers 127B
7024 Mons

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