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Lighting scheme for the park of the Int Olympic Com in Lausanne


Radiance 35

Lighting assistance for the different aspects of the redevelopment of the Olympic Museum Park and application of the "lakeside parks" recommendations of the 2011-2012 Lighting Master Plan.
The various "built" and "planted" elements of the Olympic Park giving onto Ouchy quay and Lake Geneva, are given emphasis in order to reinforce the links between the lake, the park and the museum and to identify the park within Lausanne's townscape.

The illumination of the new main artery linking Lake Geneva to the Olympic Museum, by lighting the statues along its length, so as to mark and rhythm the climb from the lake and clearly affirm the importance of this grand staircase. In addition, the illumination of

the fountain at the south entrance creates a link between the park and the lake, and is a reminder of the lakeside character of the park.

The lighting of the new museum and its esplanade, at the top of the main artery, forms a background that marks the end of the climb from the lake.
The other features, such as the "running track" path, are illuminated by means of dynamic, coloured lighting, in keeping with the wishes of the development project.

The general public lighting has also been revised. As for all the parks within the area, the Lighting Master Plan recommends using white light to promote the city's green spaces.
Landscape, wilderness
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Fondation du musée olympique
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Atelier du Paysage Jean-Yves le Baron

quai d'Ouchy 1
1006 Lausanne

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Radiance 35