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Urban Platform

Strategic programs for a 47ha urban renewal in Schaerbeek. Includes urban and social issues such as passive social housing, sustainable mobility & infrastructure, social and political communication, financing of socio-economic activities
This strategic programme of urban revitalization defines urban and social issues such as social housing, mobility and sustainable infrastructure, social and political communication as well as the funding of socio-economic activities.

A 2-scale strategy was put forward: on the scale of the area, by reinforcing the connections between Helmet and the neighbouring areas; and on the scale of the block, by reinforcing the intrinsic connections between the block and the street, between residents and the area, and between the different local organizations.
This strategy comprises 6 axes:
-existing centres of attraction: reinforcing the links between the centres and stimulating the existing facilities;
- 3 inter-area connections;
- stepping stones: valorizing 4 notable public spaces;
- attractive image and signage: improving the area’s appeal;
- carriage entrances: opening up the blocks by strengthening the relationship between the interior of the blocks and the street;
- empty shops: redeveloping empty retail spaces in order to counteract the dispersal of shopping activities.

The four-year programme proposes 22 dwellings, 10 (re)development projects of public spaces or roads, 6 collective facilities, 6 operations to improve the area’s environmental quality and lastly 8 socio-economic operations.
Landscape, urban areas
Concept proposal
Year of conception
Commune de Schaerbeek - Région de Bruxelles-Capitale

1030 Bruxelles

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Urban Platform