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Vanden Eeckhoudt - Creyf Architectes

Vanden Eeckhoudt-Creyf was founded in 2005, we are based in Brussels.
We are making projects and programs with different scales, from social to cultural, of the annex to the housing project, we work between public and private commissions, mainly in Belgium but we have some experience abroad.
Our production is fueled by the creation in the diversion of constraints, be they budgetary, regulatory, programmatic and cultural.
Because it is important for us not to know in advance the finality of project when we approach it, we try to integrate these constraints up almost without distinctions of priorities.
Eventually, we want to get the impression that the project took shaped a bit alone, and thus finds its legitimacy and its uniqueness while we would not have completely mastered its materiality and its aesthetics.
"A goal is not always what we must achieve, it is often a goal that motivates our actions. "Bruce Lee.
Our goal - in each of our projects regardless of scale, is the architectural concept, ensuring the consistency and the radicalism of the project.

Nicolas Vanden Eeckhoudt and Laurence Creyf
Nicolas Vanden Eeckhoudt
Laurence Creyf
Guillaume Lecomte
Justine Lemesre

rue Rodenbach, 4
1190 Bruxelles

Tél : +32 513 48 20
Fax : +32 513 48 20