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Each project should be the occasion special reflection, authorizing the first of each program with a unique scenario. More than a reasoned suite, the achievements of the Agency are evidence of a willingness to experiment with various territories in close dialogue with the sponsors and future users.

In our projects of housing or public facilities, we attach special attention to the capita, whereas built spaces as places to be appropriate. More so than their single purpose plastic, the projects we develop are based on the will allow each user to live architecture. Patient observation of everyday life is the basis of the design of our process. Spaces do experience. Volumes and surfaces, the character of the inhabited place was born in amount of signs sometimes imperceptible at first glance. Stripped to its original space identifies itself little by little the character of its occupants. The architectural project must allow this experience and not fear: must be able to accept that the initial value of use of a space can be transformed. Tried space can only enrich the creativity of its occupants when it was designed to be actually inhabited.

The environmental dimension has become an engine of our architectural design.
Stéphane Faidherbe
Luis Miguel Pinto Gonçalves
Clarisse Huet
"NAJA /Les Nouveaux Albums des jeunes architectes 2005/2006"
Paris - France
BATEX 2012

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