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helium3 architectures

helium3 is an international multi-talent agency founded in 2008, offering a resolutely optimistic contemporary architecture.

Its particularity is the internal development of a structuring of creativity. Different tools are used to harness collective intelligence in order to bring out innovative solutions in terms of operations, systems, implementations and materials. Each project thus demonstrates its own DNA, resulting from a unique concept.

The material realization of the creative process results from a serious technical experience and a deep knowledge of the construction mechanisms of the 8 architects-engineers in charge of projects. In collaboration with specialized engineering consulting firms, each project is developed to make it buildable by respecting budget and deadline requirements. The understanding of the importance of these two criteria has led to the creation of an internal control unit that analyzes the project for validation at each stage of development.

The integration of the many criteria of sustainable development is analyzed by a specifically dedicated cell. This covers in particular the concepts of energy, ecological, water treatment, mobility and social impact.
Cédric Ballarati
Caroline Broux
André Lecomte
Florence Daube
Aurélie Piette
Aline Monseur
Héloïse Bauduin
Adeline Decourty

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