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Double agent


helium3 architectures

The project is a mixed and intergenerational programme that includes the construction of a 50 units serviced residence (4050 m²) and the refurbishment of a former police station into 4 houses and 6 apartments (1650 m²).

The two buildings are integrated to a site fitted out, and a vegetated area, to foster communication between the residents but also with the rest of the neighbourhood.

The serviced residence is made of housing units and community spaces.
The senior housing sector is booming. No one wants to be locked in a dilapidated nursing home anymore. Today, the serviced residences are a qualitative option.

For the very first time, a serviced residence has been designed as a holiday club rather than as a simple nursing home. A place you choose to live in, not merely out of necessity. The architecture is open and dynamic, an invitation to communication for a fresh start. Many community places take part to the programme.

Of course, the project involves meals, cleaning and other activities, largely outside activities to facilitate the flow within the neighbourhood.

Indeed, the project’s relevance lies in its establishment ; right in the middle of Fléron, it is close to many facilities and a nursing home. The refurbishment of the former police station into housings was thus an amazing opportunity to offer a « public » service benefiting from an ideal position to function locally and by walking.
Furthermore, the project’s size allows the stimulation of the neighbourhood with a modern architecture. The site wants to be permeable and offers green spaces to residents and locals to facilitate communication and intergenerational contacts.
Housing (include mixed use)
Year of conception
Treize Immo

rue de Magnée, 24
4620 Fléron

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