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Taksim Urban Design

Taksim Urban Design
Taksim Urban Design © Konkur Istanbul

Competition – Istanbul

“Istanbul Is Yours” is the main principle as the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality announces a series of urban design competitions for the public spaces of the city, prioritizing a participatory approach at every stage of the process. Public spaces must be lively, accessible, free, cheerful, peaceful and secure places where people can breathe and form democratic and social relationships. The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality will shape the design principles of Istanbul’s public spaces by consulting stakeholders, and listening to the needs and views of the people of the city at events organized under the theme “Istanbul Regains Its Public Spaces”.

The “Taksim Urban Design Competition” aims to develop solutions for the problems at one of the major public spaces of Istanbul. In tackling this problem, the competition endeavors to highlight economical, original and qualified design approaches as well as functional and innovative solutions that could provide insights into today’s architecture, identify project authors and projects with a contemporary, environmental and architectural approach, promote fine arts and related professions, reinforce ethical values, and provide architectural teams with an environment suitable for the acquisition of
international competitiveness.


Each of the 20 projects that pass the first stage will be eligible to receive a
prize payment of EUR 5,000.
In addition to the EUR 5,000 prize for stage 1, projects that move to stage 2
will receive the following:
28March 02, 2020 Taksim Urban Design Competition
•Equivalent Prize : EUR 50,000 (3 in total)
•Equivalent Mention : EUR 10,000 (5 in total)

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