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Visitor Center in the mill of Villers-la-ville Abbey

Binario architectes

The new Visitors Center of Villers-la-ville abbey is installed into a building with existing functions (ngo offices, catering). Circulations and shape-related concerns were highlighted during the deep reflexion. This leads to an appropriate architectural solution according to the program and the context. The new path is fully accessible.
The Villers-la-Ville abbey site is savagely crossed by the N275 road, divided, loosing consistency and unity. Now it is hardly noticeable as a whole and it seems to come down to the ruins of the holy yard. A masterplan suggested by IPW has the task to reunite the Cistercian site.
This plan envisions the former mill partially rehabilited into a Visitor Center so it becomes the starting point of the visits. The landscape amenities and the scenography installed all along the path leading to the ruins prepare the visitor. Architecture, landscape and scenography attempt to restore a subtle balance between all the Cistercian elements.
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Institut du Patrimoine Wallon - IPW


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