Wallonie-Bruxelles Architectures (WBA)

Promoting architects from the French-speaking Community Wallonia-Brussels on the international stage


WBA is a service designed to promote the international development and recognition of architects and related professions (planners, landscape designers, photographers, etc.) working in Brussels and in Wallonia

WBA sets out to:

  • Promote and bring to the fore the know-how of our architects abroad.
  • Accompany and support creators from Wallonia and Brussels with their export projects.

To do so, WBA:

  • Brokers ties between the architects and international contacts.
  •  Organises their presence at trade fairs and exhibitions abroad.
  •  Invites decision-makers and the international press to meet our talents.
  •  Develops promotional supports : brochures, exhibition catalogues, CD-ROMs, etc.
  •  Provides information on:
    • the financial subsidies (strategic plan, legal and specialist advice, Web sites, etc.) ;
    • the opportunities abroad (competitions, partnerships, ...) ;
    • prospecting.
  •  Organises seminars, individual or collective briefings, training modules on international development.

WBA is an initiative by Wallonia-Brussels International (WBI) and the Wallonia-Brussels Féderation. It works in close cooperation with the Walloon Export and Foreign Investments Agency (AWEX) and Brussels Invest & Export.

Other services



The culture department of Wallonia-Brussels International (Plastic Arts & Design + Architecture) can provide you with its financial backing if

- you are actively participating in international colloquia abroad

- you are holding an exhibition abroad

- you wish to conduct fact-finding missions on foreign markets

Furthermore, the culture service can also acquire works and participate in the organisation of biennales.

More about the admissibility criteria, the forms to be completed and the conditions of involvement.


The French-speaking Community of Belgium - today better known as the Wallonia-Brussels Federation - first participated in the Venice Architecture Biennial back in 1996, a move that inspired a strategy to defend, promote and disseminate French-speaking Belgium's contemporary architecture.

This framework for action was subsequently maintained and developed and became instrumental in the creation of the European Forum for Architectural Policies (FEPA-EFAP) in 2000, the adoption of the decree on the granting of subsidies to local authorities for cultural infrastructure projects in 2002, in supporting the drafting and publication of the White Paper on contemporary architecture in Belgium in 2004, leading finally to the creation of the Architecture Cell of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation in 2007.

The missions of the Architecture Cell of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation are:

  1. To secure the architectural quality of public buildings by encouraging creative architecture, taking on board environmental and energy performance considerations, as well as the use of disciplines associated with architecture, such as landscape, furniture design and quality signposting, etc.
  2. To promote architecture as a cultural discipline. This takes the form of a policy governing implementation of and support to public and private actions.
  3. To support and develop the integration of works of art in public buildings.

3. The AWEX

The Walloon Export Agency (AWEX) has developed several financial incentives to help enterprises with their exporting activities.

Description of the different financial incentives.


Nine incentives are available to SMEs seeking to identify and develop foreign markets by launching one or more initiatives of potential benefit for the Brussels Region, whether at economic level or in creating jobs.

5. impulse.brussels

impulse.brussels advises and guides at no cost every start-up, SME or foreign investor who wants to set up or develop its enterprise in the Brussels-Capital Region.

ecobuild.brussels, the cluster for sustainable construction and renovation in the Brussels-Capital, gathers companies that are active in this sector and fosters their business development.


The Brussels Enterprise Agency advises and guides at no cost every start-up, SME or foreign investor who wants to set up or develop its enterprise in the Brussels Capital Region.

For the Cluster Ecobuild, find more information here.

6. PCC

Interface and link between cultural operators and Europe, the Cultural Contact Point (CCP) supports and informs cultural actors on the Culture Programme and the European issues in this field. Counseling and information center on Europe and its cultural funding, they offer advice and technical assistance tailored to cultural operators.


St'art investment fund for cultural and creative industries is a unique financial instrument in Brussels and Wallonia. With an allocation of €16 million, it is the product of the joint efforts of the Wallonia Region and Wallonia-Brussels Federation to support the development of the creative economy.


Created in 2007 by two architects at a time when no such service existed in Belgium, Service A became the first Belgian recruitment company specialized in architecture, construction and real estate.

Service A's goal is to offer specialized and adapted recruitment services for sectors that we know best.

Service A has developed it's own and strong database composed exclusively of profile related to these three specific sectors.

Through a series of services, the mission of Service A consists in assisting their clients in the Search & Selection of their futur co-worker.

Weither it's for a employment for an indefinite period of time or for a specific mission.
After a free subscription on Service A, candidates have the opportunity of receiving the latest job offers in their sector or beeing contacted for specific freelance missions.


The Eco construction cluster not-for-profit association is a network approved by the Walloon Region that brings together companies, study centres and professionals who have signed up to the idea of working according to the principles of eco-construction. Each member undertakes to respect the charter relating to eco-construction. Its members include architects, research consultancies, specialists in infrared thermography and in electromagnetic pollution, builders and companies active in the field of ecological renovation, manufacturers, suppliers of ecological materials, bio-electricians, companies active in renewable energies, project proponents, contractors specialising in the field of water, information and promotional bodies, research centres, high schools and universities. The not-for-profit association organises visits, conferences, site visits and insights to remarkable projects, networking, a technology watch, the promotion of eco-construction and of its members, a newsletter, etc.

As a reminder, eco-construction consists of building in line with environmental principles while offering a maximum of comfort to the occupants.