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Francois Mainil photographe

François Mainil is a photographer who graduated from the INRACI (Institut de Radioélectricité et de Cinématographie) in 2007 and who specialises in architecture reports and photography. He works with high-resolution digital equipment in Belgium and abroad on behalf of architects and companies in areas such as decoration and restoration and for architecture, decoration and interior design magazines.

Over the past 5 years, François Mainil has been tracking down atmospheres and lights that allow him to put his own stamp on each architectural work that falls under his lens.
Since starting out in the business, he has been intent on showing places or buildings under a light and an angle that no one else will be able to capture, without however betraying and showing disregard for the subject itself.

Rue de la Paix, 3
7070 Le Roeulx

Tél : 064/746744