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Call for Papers OASE #108

Call for Papers OASE #108
Call for Papers OASE #108© OASE

OASE invites everyone to hand in a contribution for OASE #108.

This issue of OASE is interested (1) in the arguments and discourses that put buildings or urban projects in an over- or undervalued position, and (2) in the counterarguments that can be conceived in order to take them out of that position. The aim of OASE #108 is to analyse perceptions, and the conception of the counterarguments that can be mobilized to counter these perceptions.

They are looking for texts (2000 words) that consist of two movements:

1) The description of how a building or urban project was perceived, described, praised or criticized. Which protest movements are organized and which pamphlets, counter-projects and texts were used to praise or to discredit an architectural or urban development project?

2) The correction of this perception – positive or negative – by a new close reading of the project and its hidden merits or failures.

Texts must be submitted (in Dutch or in English) via by 16 February 2020, along with your name and email address, an abstract of the text (100 words), your professional affiliation and a short bio (no more than 150 words).